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Writer:Yuta Sakaguchi

Hi, I’m Yuta. I grew up and live in Yokohama, a port city of Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo. I once lived in Kichijoji, located in the western part of Tokyo. I love walking around a street and taking pictures. On my article I introduce attractions mainly of Tokyo and Yokohama with many wonderful pictures. Please enjoy them!

Experiencing the kimono bustle dress in the Western-style building of Yamate, Yokohama

May 2, 2016

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What is the kimono bustle dress? In the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) when Japanese and Western culture had begun interacting, the bustle dress made from kimono cloth was brought into fashion. This dress represents the classical Western features incorporating the essence of "wa" (Japanese culture). The kimono originated from truly Japanese culture is itself attractive. After the Meiji period, the cross-cultural interaction between Japanese kimono culture and Western clothing culture had created the kimono bustle dress, which was rather comparable to the traditional kimono. The company “Classical Princess Japon” produces and brings the kimono bustle dresses back into the present. The company organizes the events where one can actually wear and experience the kimono bustle dresses. Here, we report the previous experience events held in the Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum in Yamate, Yokohama.

Yokohama is a port city, which opened in 1859. It was the preface of embracing the Western culture features. Yamate district of Yokohama used to be the foreign settlement and still we can see a number of Western-style houses. The Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum honors the memory of the writer, Jiro OSARAGI, who was closely associated with Yokohama. The museum is located in one of the corners of Yamate, in Minato-no-mieru-oka Park. Its red bricked and arched roof architecture attracts one’s attention. The interior of this museum is decorated in Western-style, and white walls and the light coming through stained glass represent its distinctive features. The museum also has Japanese architectural characteristics, such as plum patterned wallpapers and Japanese-style room, and thus harmonizing the world of the kimono bustle dress. In this museum, the guests wore the bustle dress and experienced the feeling as if they were ladies in the Meiji period. Such experiences are usually very rare, and so some guests came from a distance for this experience. The quests in 20s and 30s said, "I have been interested in the combination of kimono and dress.", and "I had Kimono experiences in Asakusa but I found the kimono bustle dress in Western-style a more valuable experience to me.’’ and ‘’At first I was not familiar with the kimono bustle dress. However, I was praised and entertained during the photo shooting, and finally I found myself really enjoying wearing the dress.” All the guests were very satisfied with the events. Some of the guests are also interested in participating in the next photo shooting event in the red brick warehouse. *

The fee is 18,500 JPY~ (excluding tax) per person. This fee includes wearing the kimono bustle dress, head dress, accessories, dressing charges, photo shooting, two printed photos (L size). Why not get experienced in this wonderful and precious event? If you are interested, please check out the following link and register for the coming event.

* To be held on May 3 and 4, 2016 at the Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 (1-1, Shinko, Naka ward, Yokohama city, Kanagawa).
The May 3rd event has already been fully reserved, but there might perhaps be cancelations. For the May 4th event, it is possible to reserve one hour of your choice out of the 13:00 to 16:00. For more information please contact directly from the following links.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse