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Exploring Rail yards in Tokyo!

May 17, 2016

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The Mitaka Train Base

You may notice sometimes while looking out the window of the train, that there are extra railroad tracks and train cars adjacent to your train. This area is called a "rail yard".
The train that you usually ride for commuting to school or work is parked at a rail yard at night. We thought it would be a fun idea to ride our bicycles to explore one of these rail yards and get a closer look that we otherwise couldn't get from the inside of a train!
There are many rail yards for various train lines nationwide, but this time we decided to visit train yards in western Tokyo.
Thanks to this adventure we now have a new found appreciation for rail yards. We would like to tell you a bit about our day cycling around.

We started on our bicycles from JR Mitaka station, Tokyo. At first we went west and visited the Mitaka Train Base, a rail yard between Mitaka station and Musashi-sakai station.
After fully experiencing the Mitaka Train Base, we headed east for the Fujimigaoka Inspection Depot, near Fujimigaoka station on the Keio Inokashira line, in Suginami ward, Tokyo. The depot was located along a river and had a noticeably different atmosphere than the Mitaka Train Base. On the last part of our adventure, we visited the Nakano Inspection Depot. It is a rail yard for the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line. After looking around for a bit, we decided to end our cycling adventure here and head back home.

Let's start and go to the Mitaka Train Base!

The bridge over the railroad Osamu DAZAI loved

We got the full view of the Mitaka Train Base

The second site was the Fujimigaoka Inspection Depot of Keio Inokashira line

Colorful bodies of 1000 series Keio Inokashira line train cars

The Nakano Inspection Depot: you can see subway cars on the ground

You can get the full view of the Nakano Inspection Depot from here

To tell you the truth, we weren't really interested in rail yards at first. However, we discovered a new found appreciation after visiting 3 sites in western Tokyo. Some of the things we often don't pay attention to really called out to us. We found the many intertwining curved and straight tracks branching from a single rail line artistic, and it seemed as if the train cars were huge creatures in slumber. How about exploring a side of trains you've never seen before? You'd be surprised at what you may find!

▼ More details and the route map can be found here!